Meeting a gorgeous mongolian woman

Meeting a good mongolian- mr. Zorig

Zorig Sanjaasuren (Санжаасүрэнгийн Зориг, born 1962, murdered October 2, 1998), a prominent Mongolian politician and leader of the country's 1990 democratic revolution. Zorig was murdered on Friday, October 2, 1998. Two assailants entered his apartment, tied up his wife Bulgan, and waited. As soon as Zorig stepped through the door they jumped him, stabbing him sixteen times, including three stab wounds to the heart. Strangely, they stole a bottle of vinegar and a bottle of soy sauce from the refrigerator before fleeing the apartment.
- from Wikipedia


Paper men

Sending a package at the post office

Climbing Zaisan in saliva

Meeting cute street children

Drinking with mongolians

Drinking with a russian